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Half Way Home (HC) (Howey, Hugh)

WE WOKE IN FIRE Five hundred colonists have been sent across the stars to settle an alien planet. Vat-grown in a dream-like state, they are educated through simulations by an artificial intelligence and should awaken at thirty years old, fully-trained, and ready to tame the new world. But fifteen years in, an explosion on their vessel kills most of the homesteaders and destroys the majority of their supplies. Worse yet, the sixty that awaken and escape the flames are only half-taught and possess the skills least useful for survival. Naked and terrified, the teens stumble from their fiery baptism ill-prepared for the unfamiliar and harsh alien world around them. Though they attempt to work with the colony A.I. to build a home, tension and misery are rampant, escalating into battles for dominance. Soon they find that their worst enemy isn’t the hostile environment, the A.I., or the blast that nearly killed them. Their greatest danger is each other.

Udgivet af Houghton Mifflin 

Hugh Howey
Hugh C. Howey is an American writer, known best for the science fiction series Silo, part of which he published independently through's Kindle Direct Publishing system. He began the series in 2011, initially writing Wool as a stand-alone short story. He commissioned the construction of a sailing catamaran, on which he plans to live and sail the world while he continues to write.

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