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Witch Bottle (TPB) (Fletcher, Tom)

Daniel once had a baby brother, but he died, a long time ago now. And he had a wife and a daughter, but that didn't work out, so now he's alone. The easy monotony of his job as a milkman in the remote northwest of England demands nothing from him other than dealing with unreasonable customer demands and the vagaries of his enigmatic boss. But things are changing. Daniel's started having nightmares, seeing things that can't possibly be there like the naked, emaciated giant with a black bag over its head which is so real he swears he could touch it . . . if he dared. It's not just at night bad things are happening, either, or just to him. Shaken and unnerved, he opens up to a local witch. She can't t discern the origins of his haunting, but she can provide him with a protective ward a witch bottle if, in return, he will deliver her products on his rounds. But not everyone's happy to find people meddling with witch bottles. Things are about to get very unpleasant . . .

Udgivet af Jo Fletcher Books 

Tom Fletcher

Bøger Horror
120,00 kr.

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