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Other Mermaid, The (TPB) (O'Shea, Billy)

The Great Cataclysm is over and humanity is gradually getting back on its feet. Army medic Daniel Manston has already been executed once for a crime he didn’t commit, and now he’s determined to stay alive. But to do so, he must solve a centuries-old riddle about the relationship between the sea people and humanity. On the remote arctic island of Svalbard, he finds an ally in Deryn, a female hermit whose task is to transcribe records of the ancient past. Together, they stumble upon a terrible truth that changes everything – and puts them both in mortal danger. In a land of ghosts and strange creatures, what is real, and what is not? And can you tell the difference, when your life depends upon it?

Udgivet af Black Swan 

Billy O'Shea

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