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Lionheart Girl (HC) - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer) (Badoe, Yaba)

African myth and magic beat in the dark heart of this fable about witchcraft, superstition, the bonds we choose and those we cannot. Born into a family of West African witches, Sheba is terrified of her mother who can shape-shift. But like mother, like daughter - magic runs through her blood and Sheba discovers powers of her own. Her touch can unravel people's innermost thoughts; their hopes, their fears - their secrets. Through the communion of ancient magic, blood and friendship, she slowly uncovers the murderous truth about her stolen childhood and steels herself for the future. She must protect the hunted from the hunter - her mother

Udgivet af Zephyr 

Yaba Badoe
Yaba Badoe (born 1955) is a Ghanaian-British documentary filmmaker, journalist and author.

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