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Ultimate Superhero Movie Guide, The (Guide Book) (HC) (O'Hara, Helen)

From cult classics to the dominance of Marvel's and DC's cinematic universes, The Ultimate Superhero Movie Guide takes you on a thrilling journey through the history of the world's favorite movie genre. Packed with reviews, features, and retrospectives, plus eye-popping photos and artwork, it's an all-out celebration of the superheroes and stories that inspire us. Explore the biggest and best comic book movies ever made along with the supervillains we love to hate. Complete with a tribute to the late, great Stan Lee, it's a guide that no fan should do without.

Udgivet af Carlton Books 

Helen O'Hara
Helen O'Hara is a film journalist and editor-at-large for Empire, the world's biggest film magazine. She has spent over a decade interviewing most of Hollywood's A-list and covering big events from Comic-Con to the Oscars. When not actually watching films - her preferred state - she writes for various publications and cohosts the Empire Podcast.

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