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Pete von Sholly's Lovecraft Illustrated (von Sholly, Pete)

Pete Von Sholly is a writer, artist, director, and producer with a leaning toward the fantastic side of the arts. His storyboard work for TV shows and movies includes Darkman, The Mask, James and the Giant Peach, Mars Attacks!, Scooby Doo, The Real Ghostbusters, The Bride of Chucky, The Mist, and dozens more. Pete Von Sholly's Lovecraft Illustrated is a visual chronology of ALL of Lovecraft's fiction - over 325 color illustrations detail scenes from each of his stories. Over 200 pages, the pictures are presented in the order the stories were written with copious quotes and commentary for each. S. T. Joshi, the preeminent Lovecraft scholar, provides an introduction.

Udgivet af Clover Press 

Pete von Sholly

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