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Deep Dive (TPB) (Walters, Ron)

What happens when Virtual Reality starts to become Reality? As the founder and creative director of a small video game development company, Peter Banuk is responsible for overseeing every project they produce. Two years after their second release crashed and burned, Peter is still reeling from the failure and struggling to get a new virtual reality game off the ground. He desperately needs a win, not only to save his struggling company, but to justify the time he spends away from his wife and daughters. When his tech-genius partner tells him an experimental VR headset called Deep Dive is ready for beta testing, Peter excitedly agrees to give it a whirl. The trial run goes horribly wrong, rendering Peter unconscious. Upon coming to he discovers that his daughters no longer exist…

Udgivet af Andgry Robot 

Ron Walters
Ron Walters is a former journalist, college registrar, and stay-at-home dad who writes science fiction and fantasy for all ages. A native of Savannah, GA, he currently lives in Germany with his wife, two daughters, and two rescue dogs. When he’s not writing he works as a substitute high school teacher, plays video games, and does his best to ignore the judgmental looks his dogs give him for not walking them more often.

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