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Cassandra Complex, The (US titel - Cassandra in Reverse) (HC) (Smale, Holly)

Cassandra Dankworth has always had more than her name to contend with. But today is a new low. This morning, Cassie's boyfriend breaks up with her. By lunchtime, she is fired from her PR job for not being a 'People Person'. This evening, her ex turns up as if nothing happened, and Cassie is too relieved to ask questions. She's just glad her longest ever romantic relationship (four months) is back on track. Tomorrow, Cassie finds herself being dumped again. By lunchtime, she's being fired. When Cassie realises she is gifted--or perhaps cursed--with the power to travel back in time, she has a chance to do things differently, but will things keep going wrong for her when she has infinite chances to get them right?

Udgivet af Century 

Holly Smale

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