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Gentleman Bastard Sequence nr. 3: Republic of Thieves, The (Lynch, Scott)

Locke Lamora, a character George R. R. Martin has called "a charming rogue," has gotten his friends, the Gentlemen Bastards, into-and out of-enough trouble to last a few lifetimes. For Lamora, though, it's never enough. He's made an oath to rob the world blind…and have a damn good time doing it. Scott Lynch is creating a series that fans are flocking to-complete with humor, fast-paced action, and enough twists and turns to keep readers on their toes for the whole novel. And The Republic of Thieves, in which Lamora's mysterious lost love comes back to challenge him for primacy among thieves, is the long-awaited third novel of Lamora's adventures.

Udgivet af Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Co., Inc. 

Scott Lynch

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