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Last War, The (TPB) nr. 2: Fool's Hope, A (Shackle, Mike)

From Tinnstra , it took her family and thrust her into a conflict she wanted only to avoid. Now her queen's sole protector, she must give all she has left to keep Zorique safe. It has taken just as much from Jia's revolutionaries. Dren and Jax battered, tortured, once enemies themselves must hold strong against their bruised invaders, the Egril For the Egril intend to wipe Jia from the map. They may have lost a battle, but they are coming back. If Tinnstra and her allies hope to survive, Jia's heroes will need to be ready when they do. With more bone crunching action, tough choices and impossible odds, fans of Joe Abercrombie, Mark Lawrence and Ed McDonald will find something to love in this series.

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Mike Shackle
Originally from London, Mike Shackle has wandered the world before settling in Vancouver, with his wife and two children. His other constant traveling companions around the globe have been his comic books, his favorite fantasy novels and an army of super-hero statues. He more often than not can be found daydreaming over a cup of tea.

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