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These Feathered Flames (HC) nr. 2: This Cursed Crown (Overy, Alexandra)

Awakening to find herself trapped in a strange tower, Izaveta knows she must find her way back to the Tóurensi palace and claim the throne. But even with an unexpected ally’s help, she worries she might not be able to get news of her survival to her sister and escape this frozen land. Back at home, Asya enlists Nikov’s help to prove Izaveta is still alive, even as she finds herself forced to navigate the political world she always sought to avoid to save her queendom, her loved ones, and herself. But as the sisters work independently to reunite, a dangerous force lies in wait, trying to regain power in order to overthrow the monarchy…

Udgivet af Inkyard Press 

Alexandra Overy
Alexandra is the author of the These Feathered Flames duology, as well as the forthcoming middle grade fantasy, The Gingerbread Witch (2022). She still lives in Los Angeles, and when she’s not working on a new manuscript or procrastinating doing work, she can either be found obsessing over Netflix shows, or eating all the ice cream she can.

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