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Boarding School Juliet (TPB) nr. 7: Who Set this Ancient Quarrel New Abroach? - TILBUD (så længe lager haves, der tages forbehold for udsolgte varer).

On the fair island campus of Dahlia, the student body is split into two rival dorms: The Black Dog House of the eastern nation of Touwa, and the White Cats House of the West. Despite his doting childhood friend and a loyal posse, the first-year leader of the Black Dogs, Romeo Inuzuka, has one big teenage problem: He has a crush on Juliet Persia, the first-year leader of the White Cats! With her own brainiac right-hand man and a powerful crew behind her, the cutthroat Juliet thinks she has no time for misadventures with a hopeless romantic like Romeo. When Romeo meets Juliet one fateful twilight, he thinks he has a shot at love…but is this secret affair really worth dying for?!

Udgivet af Kodansha International 2019

Yousuke Kaneda

Tegneserier Manga
60,00 kr.

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