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Pollinic Girls Attack, The (TPB): Complete.

Getting steamy under the hot heat of allergy season! It's that time of year where the dark nights of winter are in the rear view mirror and we get higher temperatures and brighter days. Spring is upon us! Spring also means allergy season. So while some of us get a little under the weather with hay fever, the citizens of Koume Keito's newest title are physically burning up! The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete by renowned artist/writer Koume Keito is the ultimate remedy for all your seasonal needs! Whether you suffer from cedar, cypress, birch or ragweed allergies, it won't take too long until the whole reading public infected by his red hot fever. Try as you might to avoid the symptoms, but once you see his full-color orgies, you'll know the pollinic girls will have their way. Packed at a massive 257 pages, including 80 full color pages, The Pollinic Girls Attack! Complete is the sweet sugar that helps the medicine go down. Known for his work on the manga adaptation of Spice and Wolf, Keito has also worked on the manga adaptation of Vividred Operation and the anime adaption of Queen's Blade: Rebellion. FAKKU Books has also published Koume Keito's previous work, School Love Net.

Udgivet af Fakku Books 2020

Koume Keito

Tegneserier Hentai
225,00 kr.

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