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Gert and the Sacred Stones (TPB): Gert and the Sacred Stones.

This timely tale of an endless war between humans and nature follows young orphan Gert, whose land is shrouded in a thick fog hiding ferocious, fantastical animals that besiege her village. Gert sets out to make sure no one else suffers what she has as a result of the war, but to do this she'll have to do what is forbidden of young women like her: become a warrior. Unfazed, Gert sneaks into the initiation test, beginning an adventure that will prove to be about much more than revenge. Gert's journey will teach her to accept hard truths, rethink the glorification of war and violence, and prove if she can be the unlikely hero to reimagine her people's future. An insightful story of conflict, reconciliation, and the unique power of young people to change their world for the better.

Udgivet af Dark Horse 2021

Francesca Carità

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