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Batman (HC): Gotham Knights - Gilded City.

A mysterious virus has infected Gotham City—turning its victims into rabid, yellow-irised maniacs driven to looting, theft, and bursts of anger. Batman and his Gotham Knights struggle to keep this strange virus contained while investigating its origins. But this is not the first time this unusual illness has overtaken the city. Take a trip to Gotham in the mid-1800s and meet the city's first masked vigilante—the mysterious hero known only as the Runaway—as they, too, find themselves mired in the mystery of this infection! This thrilling and horrific tale, split between modern-day Gotham and the Gotham of 1847 and revealing a Court of Owls plot that runs across centuries, leads directly into the video game GOTHAM KNIGHTS!

Udgivet af DC 2023


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