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Kogals, Sluts and Whatever (TPB).

Smothered by sassy suntanned seductresses! Working a dead end job is one thing, but going home exhausted without a significant other grinds away any meaning to life. Lucky for this lonely salaryman, a dazed walk into the red light district has put him in the sights of two sexy kogals! With sexy tanned skin, clothes that highlight their curves and dyed hair, these two gyarus smell the money on him and want their cut. This salaryman is about to discover that while kogal sex is expensive, having a steamy all nighter with a couple of delinquent gals is worth every penny! Kogals, Sluts and Whatever. by Gujira is everything and more that the title offers. Packed from front to back, Gujira pampers readers with unrefined kogals, obedient sluts and whatever comes after a session of intense action! Serving seven suntanned chapters, Kogal, Sluts and Whatever. shows the softer side of a hard-edge gal!

Udgivet af Fakku Books 2020


Tegneserier Hentai
180,00 kr.

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