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Lovesick (TPB): Lovesick.

Collects LOVESICK #1-7 "Nature has a kind of innocent cruelty, while man... Why can't man's cruelty be called innocent?" In one of the most lurid corners of the dark web, subscribers pay a high price to be maimed, tortured, and killed by ruthless and irresistible dominatrix DOMINO. This is what they call love in the LOVESICK CLUB. But as Domino faces emerging threats and mounting pressure from a needy audience, what price will she have to pay for success in this literally cutthroat world? And what will she have to become to survive? LUANA VECCHIO invites you into a digital underworld of blood and neon to explore the limits of consent, love, and idolatry in one of the most erotic and extreme stories in recent years!

Udgivet af Image 2023

Luana Vecchio

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