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Nirvana in Fire (HC) nr. 1.

A feudal war rages in Ancient China. While the Emperor's sons are embroiled in a bitter rivalry for power, word spreads across the capital about the arrival of a man of extraordinary genius and a brilliant strategist Mei Changsu, adding fuel to the fire. The prophecy says that one who enlists his support will rule the world. But will Mei Changsu agree to be used as a pawn? Many years ago, the capital knew him under another name, and the reason why he returned has nothing to do with the whims of the powerful ones. He only seeks to clear the names of tens of thousands wrongly executed warriors. Willing to sacrifice his past affections and put his own life at stake, he is prepared to go to any length to achieve his goal, even to shake the foundations of the Empire.

Udgivet af Aloha Comics 2024

Chen Si

Tegneserier Manga
200,00 kr.

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