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Grrl Scouts (TPB): Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost.

Collects GRRL SCOUTS: STONE GHOST #1-6 Superstar artist and comics-makin' weirdo JIM MAHFOOD returns to his creator-owned GRRL SCOUTS universe for a brand-new adventure! Join DIO, TURTLENECK JONES, and GORDI as they face off against the sinister and unpredictable evil of THE TEETH! Hilarious, over-the-top, psychedelic action will ensue, you guys! Packed from cover to cover with completely unique, eye-poppin' MAHFOOD art, including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun! Also featuring additional artwork from PEACH MOMOKO, JIM RUGG, MATTEO SCALERA, and more! Feel the Funk!

Udgivet af Image 2022

Jim Mahfood

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