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PEARLS - DANSK - Pearls (Dansk, Norsk, Svensk og Finsk)

n Pearls, players dive for valuable pearls, then try to sell them at local markets. You either collect or score pearl cards of the same color (and value) on your turn. Cards with higher value score more points, but are less common. Pearls with lower value may seem weaker at first, but if you score a larger quantity of cards at once, you receive a necklace card with bonus points, if available. With a hand limit of ten cards, however, this requires clever hand management and timing. At the end of the game, all pearl and necklace cards in your scoring piles score positive points and any cards left in your hand score minus points. The player with the highest total score wins.

Udgivet af Lautapelit 2019

Sværhedsgrad: 6+. Antal spillere: 2-6. Spilletid: 15min

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