Shatter Me (TPB) nr. 6,5: Believe Me (Mafi, Tahereh)

A brand-new novella in the Shatter Me series, picking up with the closing chapter of Imagine Me. Juliette and Warner fought hard to take down the Reestablishment once and for all. Life in the aftermath isn’t easy, and Warner has his sights set on more than just politics—he can’t wait to marry Juliette. At long last, their future together is within reach, but the world continues to try to pull them apart. Will they finally be able to be happily, officially, together?

Udgivet af Electric Monkey 

Tahereh Mafi
Tahereh Mafi is an Iranian-American, New York Times and USA Today best selling author based in Santa Monica, California. She is known for writing young adult fiction.

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