Bad Ones, The (TPB) (Albert, Melissa)

Goddess, Goddess, count to five. In the morning, who's alive? One town. One night. Four people gone. Nora's best friend, Becca, is one of the lost. As Nora tries to piece together the truth, she uncovers dark events in her high school's history and a string of coded messages Becca has left for her. These clues point to another missing girl thirty years previously and a sinister urban legend: a goddess figure, who played an eerie role in Nora and Becca's own childhood games . . . As Nora struggles to unravel the mystery, it's clear there are dark forces at work in her town - and they're willing to stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried deep.

Udgivet af Penguin UK 

Melissa Albert
Melissa Albert is the founding editor of the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog and the managing editor of She has written for McSweeney’s, Time Out Chicago, MTV, and more.

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