Takeshi Kovacs (TPB) nr. 3: Woken Furies (Morgan, Richard)

Kovacs, a futuristic version of a ronin ("for hire") samurai, is back on his home planet, Harlan's World. The ruling Harlan family awakens Kovacs from digital storage into a newly constructed body and launches him on a mission that weaves a dangerous course through labyrinthine politics and murderous hardware. But Kovacs also has his own agenda. Vengeance and a quest for a long-lost love continually put his loyalties into conflict with his powerful and ruthless new employers, in a future where death may or may not be forever.

Udgivet af Gollancz 

Richard Morgan
Richard K. Morgan (born 1965) is a British science fiction author. Morgan studied history at Queens' College, Cambridge. After graduation he started teaching English in order to travel the world. After fourteen years and a post at Strathclyde University, his first novel was published and he became a full-time writer. The common theme to Morgan's books is that they take place in a dystopia. His attitude is summed up by the following statement: "Society is, always has been and always will be a structure for the exploitation and oppression of the majority through systems of political force dictated by an élite, enforced by thugs, uniformed or not, and upheld by a willful ignorance and stupidity on the part of the very majority whom the system oppresses.

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