Kefahuchi Tract (TPB) nr. 3: Empty Space: A Haunting (Harrison, M. John)

EMPTY SPACE is a space adventure. We begin with the following dream: An alien research tool the size of a brown dwarf star hangs in the middle of nowhere, as a result of an attempt to place it equidistant from everything else in every possible universe. Somewhere in the fractal labyrinth beneath its surface, a woman lies on an allotropic carbon deck, a white paste of nanomachines oozing from the corner of her mouth. She is neither conscious nor unconscious, dead nor alive. There is something wrong with her cheekbones. At first you think she is changing from one thing into another - perhaps it's a cat, perhaps it's something that only looks like one - then you see that she is actually trying to be both things at once. She is waiting for you, she has been waiting for you for perhaps 10,000 years. She comes from the past, she comes from the future. She is about to speak...

Udgivet af Gollancz 

M. John Harrison
Michael John Harrison (born 26 July 1945), who writes as M. John Harrison, is an English author and reviewer. He currently resides in London. Harrison was born in Rugby, Warwickshire in 1945. According to the jacket blurb of his first novel, he was treated to a technical education which didn't stick; he worked at various times as a groom (North Warwicks Hunt), a teacher, and a clerk for a masonic charity outfit; his hobbies included dwarfs, electric guitars and writing pastiches of H.H. Munro. Harrison is stylistically an Imagist and his early work relies heavily on the use of absurdism in a fantastic or science fictional context. His work has been acclaimed by many fellow writers including Angela Carter and Clive Barker, who has referred to him as "a blazing original". He has taught creative writing courses in Devon and Wales, focusing on landscape and autobiography, with Adam Lively and the travel writer James Perrin. Since 1991, Harrison has reviewed fiction and nonfiction for The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Times Literary Supplement and the New York Times.

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