Scorpion (TPB) (Cantrell, Christian)

With the world bordering on unprecedented technological change, Quinn Mitchell is an old-school, nine-to-five spy—an intelligence analyst for the CIA during the day, and a suburban wife and mother on evenings and weekends. After struggling with a personal tragedy, Quinn hopes to find redemption in her newest assignment: a series of bizarre, international assassinations where victims are found with numeric codes tattooed, burned, or carved into their flesh. As Quinn follows the killer’s trail around the globe, always one body behind, she begins uncovering disturbing connections between the murders—and herself. Finding the killer will hinge on Quinn’s ability to grapple with the Epoch Index, a massive database that can reveal almost anything about anyone—past, present or future—and which leads her to a shocking twist that makes her question everything she thought she knew.

Udgivet af Random House 

Christian Cantrell
Christian Cantrell is a writer and software developer living in Northern Virginia.

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