Blood Debts (HC) nr. 2: Blood Justice (Benton-Walker, Terry J.)

Cristina and Clement Trudeau achieved the impossible. They took back their family throne. The Gen Council answers to their family again and that’s not even the best part. Cris reclaimed her power in magic and Clem found his first real love in Yves. But when Cris and Clem got their lives back, Valentina Savant lost everything. Her beloved grandparents are gone and her sovereignty has been revoked. Valentina is alone and will never be queen. When Detective Jeida Summers is transferred to New Orleans to address the escalating issue of magical crime in the city, Cris and Clem’s family is under a new type of scrutiny. She's come to investigate the mysterious tragedy aboard the Montaigne Majestic, but no one's talking. And she’s not the only new person in town. The Moon King has escaped the realm of wandering souls into the living realm and he's on the hunt for Clem for some dark purpose. Powerful magic is a deadly calling card to the Moon King. But Clem has no choice—he needs to conjure to protect the love he's only just discovered. And the Moon King isn’t the only new strange appearance. There’s a cabin in the swamps. It appears only after sunset. And if you listen close you’ll hear the sound of a struggle and screaming from inside. Cris, now heir to the throne, meets her prince, but can she trust anyone with her heart after Oz controlled it? And can she control the rage she’s discovered? Can Clem save his first love and stay out of the Moon King's clutches? Will Valentina steal back the throne for herself? And when they all end up at the cabin in the swamp, will they all survive? Secrets and poison, dark magic and new gods. Welcome back to New Orleans.

Udgivet af TOR Teen 

Terry J. Benton-Walker

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