Mammoth (TPB)Behemoth (Silverhair, Longtusk, Icebones) (Baxter, Stephen)

They have measured the slow pulse of the seasons as the Earth spins its stately annual dance. Their memories stretch back across the million-year cycles of the ice sheets. Their stories tell of the making of the world. And as the millenia have passed, their legends have served them well. And a thousand years from now, on a different world, they will be the difference between life and death, between extinction and a future as long as the past. This new edition collects three of Stephen Baxter's early books together for the first time.

Udgivet af Gollancz 

Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter was born in Liverpool, England, in 1957. Since 1987 he has published over forty books, mostly science fiction novels, and over a hundred short stories. He has degrees in mathematics, from Cambridge University, engineering, from Southampton University, and in business administration, from Henley Management College. He has worked as a teacher of maths and physics, and for several years in information technology. His first professionally published short story appeared in 1987, and his first novel in 1991. He has been a full-time author since 1995. He is Vice-President of the British Science Fiction Association, and a Vice-President of the HG Wells Society. He now lives in Northumberland.

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