Halflife Chronicles nr. 4: Dead Easy (Simmons, Wm. Mark)

Apocalypse Pretty Soon! The portents are lining up for the biggest supernatural showdown of all time and—as if the Big Easy didn't have enough problems with another hurricane on the way—New Orleans is due to be the epicenter. Or, more precisely, the storm is vectoring in on half-vampire (but fresh-blood-eschewing) Chris Cséjthe and his rag-tag coterie of outcast monsters. It seems Cséjthe's epic mating with a werewolf lover has produced a child who holds the destiny of several worlds in the balance. And everyone who is anyone—vampire lord, were-pack leader, and the odd sea monster god and immortal elven princess—wants to twist this fabled progeny to his or her own power-hungry purposes.

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Wm. Mark Simmons

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