Which Way to Anywhere (TPB) nr. 2: Which Way Round the Galaxy (Cowell, Cressida)

Contains Dangerous Space Travel and Very Illegal Magic A family with a Magical secret ... A child with a powerful Gift ... A story that is out of this world ... A tiny and helpless Magical Creature lost far from home leads the four O'Hero-Smith children on another adventure through the Which Ways and across the galaxies; their plan is to get 'Bug' back to the ice-encrusted planet where he belongs, and to prove to their parents that they can be trusted with forbidden Magic along the way! But by setting off on this secret mission, they're heading straight into danger. Not to mention they've accidentally left Annipeck on her own. Again. Can the kids get Bug home safely, escape venomous snowsnakes, a witch's curse and a gang of fighter robots to find their way back through the WHICH WAYS to protect her? They're going to need more than K2's Magical Gift to help them this time. It's a good job another of the O'Hero-Smith children might have a magical Gift of their own - because the fate of the galaxy is once again in their hands …

Udgivet af Hodder & Stoughton 

Cressida Cowell

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