Arcane Arts : The Dungeoneer's Guide to Miniature Painting and Tabletop Mayhem (How To) (TPB) (Berf, Noxweiler)

Learn how to paint exciting miniature creatures and elevate your tabletop experience, with Arcane Arts. Professional miniature painter and instructor Noxweiler Berf has created an immersive guide to painting miniatures for tabletop games. In his engaging and playful style, Berf demystifies the miniature painting process for the beginner and offers new perspectives and encouragement for advancing hobbyists. The guide offers the reader a number of milestone “quests” that will take them from the first steps of selecting a miniature figure, to understanding the visual cues that come from their choice of color and texture, to even developing scenic basing and preparing your miniature for game-play.

Udgivet af Andrews & McMeel 

Noxweiler Berf

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