After Dark (US title Curfew) (TPB) (Cowie, Jayne)

Curfew law keeps men at home after 7pm. It keeps women safe after dark. It changed things for the better... until now. SARAH Sarah rebuilt her life after her husband was sent to prison. Now he's about to be released, and Sarah isn't expecting a happy reunion given she's the reason he was sent there... CASS Seventeen-year-old Cass disagrees with Curfew. She believes men and women should be equal. And she's determined to prove she's right - whatever the cost. HELEN Helen wants a baby more than anything, so things are moving quickly with her boyfriend. She loves him. But should she trust him? All of these women are in danger. And one will end up dead. Evidence will suggest that she was killed late at night and that she knew her attacker. It couldn't have been a man because a Curfew tag is a solid alibi... Isn't it?

Udgivet af Penguin UK 

Jayne Cowie

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