PM Press Outspoken Authors (TPB) nr. 5: Modern Times 2.0 Plus... (Moorcock, Michael)

As the editor of London’s revolutionary New Worlds magazine in the swinging sixties, Michael Moorcock has been credited with virtually inventing modern Science Fiction: publishing such figures as Norman Spinrad, Samuel R. Delany, Brian Aldiss and J.G. Ballard. Moorcock’s own literary accomplishments include his classic Mother London, a romp through urban history conducted by psychic outsiders; his comic Pyat quartet, in which a Jewish antisemite examines the roots of the Nazi Holocaust; Behold The Man, the tale of a time tourist who fills in for Christ on the cross; and of course the eternal hero Elric, swordswinger, hellbringer and bestseller. And now Moorcock’s most audacious creation, Jerry Cornelius--assassin, rock star, chronospy and maybe-Messiah--is back in Modem Times 2.0, a time-twisting odyssey that connects 60s London with post-Obama America, with stops in Palm Springs and Guantanamo. Modem Times 2.0 is Moorcock at his most outrageously readable--a masterful mix of erudition and subversion. Plus: the non-fiction essay "My Londons" and an Outspoken Interview with literature’s authentic Lord of Misrule.

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Michael Moorcock
Engelsk forfatter som bor noget af tiden og London og resten af tiden I Texas. Han er også en mand som har været en af de mest roste SF og fantasy forfattere, og har skrevet mange bestsellere. Moorcock har skabt masser af uforglemmelige personer, ikke mindst Elric of Melnibone, krigeren med albinohuden og det sjæleslugende sværd Stormbringer. Af andre helte kan nævnes, Jerry Cornelius, Hawkmoon og Corum. Og det specielle ved alle disse (og andre) af hans personer er at de alle er aspekter af hans "Eternal Champion", en helt som bliver ved med at blive genfødt I alle dele af multiverset.

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