Fables Compendium (TPB) nr. 3: Volume Three.

Genoptrykker Fables #83-113, Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland, og The Great Fables Crossover kapitlerne fra Jack of Fables #33-35 og The Literals #1-3. As the free Fables struggle to regroup following the destruction of their New York City stronghold, Mr. Dark grows more powerful than ever! Sitting amid the wreckage that was once Fabletown, this sinister figure is building a web of fear and anger that threatens to ensnare any Fable who strays too close. Who among the Fables could defeat such a foe? The witches and warlocks formerly of the 13th floor? A damaged Rose Red with nothing to lose? Or perhaps it’s a job…for a super-team!

Udgivet af DC 2021

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