Asumi-Chan Is Interested in Lesbian Brothels! (TPB) nr. 2: Very Exploratory Search!, A (Yuri).

The newly 20-year-old Asumi has popped her lesbian brothel cherry in search of her childhood friend, Mai—and now she’s quickly becoming a brothel regular. But her goal of finding Mai keeps getting delayed as she engages in threesomes, cosplay sex, and whatever fun and naughty options her curious heart encounters! Series Overview: Sweet but awkward college student Asumi never got over her childhood crush on her old friend Mai. Their first and only kiss couldn’t have gone worse. So when she learns that Mai may be working at a nearby brothel, she sets her sights on redemption! But there’s one catch: none of the women on the brothel’s website use full photos or real names. Thus begins a journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration as nervous Asumi sets out to find her one that got away.

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2023

Kuro Itsuki

Tegneserier Manga
150,00 kr.

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