I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! (TPB) nr. 3: Spoils of War!.

Nothing can stop Liam’s rise to power! He crushed the space pirate Goaz! Wealth and prestige followed. But his success has caught the attention of other nobles. Whether it’s his deadbeat parents wanting debts paid off or wary neighbors eyeing a future rival, his reputation precedes him. Liam’s next steps must be carefully made or the galaxy will learn about the key to his found fortune. Series Overview: In his past life, Liam was hardworking and honest. This got him nothing but debt and betrayal. Now he’s been reborn as the ruling noble of a planet. Time for some payback. This life he’ll grind the world under his heel! He’s only looking out for himself. All his underlings will suffer! But try as he might, his tyranny only seems to make his subjects happier.MULTIMEDIA TIE-IN, SIMULTANEOUS PUBLISHING: Seven Seas is putting out both the light novel version and the manga version. POPULAR SUBJECT: An isekai story about being reborn in another world, which has been a hot genre (Sword Art Online, Overlord, Arifureta). FOR FANS OF: Skeleton Knight in Another World, My Status as an Assassin Obviously Exceeds the Hero's, Reborn as a Space Mercenary, Trapped in a Dating Sim AGE RANGE: This Adult title has crossover appeal with YA audiences (rated Teen 13+). SERIES INFO: Series is ongoing in Japan and will have a planned pub every 4-6 months or whenever a new volume is released.

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2023

Kai Nadashima

Tegneserier Manga
140,00 kr.

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