My Mikage-San (TPB): My Mikage-San.

Ambushing readers with ten chapters including bonus pages and character descriptions, My Mikage-san uses her ultimate technique to please her master in the art of martial hearts! In the Shadows or Between the Sheets, No One Does It Better than a Ninja! Left for dead after a hellacious battle, the stealthy ninja Mikage was found and taken in by a kind-hearted high schooler named Ikumi. To repay this life debt, Mikage now serves her master, helping him from delivering his homework to everyday housekeeping duties, but a curious classmate asks Ikumi if she's good at "yotogi." When Ikumi asks Mikage what that means, she slowly undresses her slender body, saying she'll attend to his every nightly need! But Mikage is a ninja of many skills, and everyone in class needs her help in some way and she's just the ninja for the job!

Udgivet af Fakku Books 2023

Dr. P

Tegneserier Hentai
200,00 kr.

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