Lazy Dungeon Master (TPB) nr. 7: How to Beat a Dragon.

Having soundly defeated the hero Wataru (albeit through a less-than-scrupulous method), Keima has saved Rokuko from being whisked away to the Imperial Capital. It isn’t too long though until another hero shows up on his that proves to be even more trouble than the last! But even Keima isn’t so lazy that he’ll ignore someone harassing his staff. It's time to take care of this nuisance once and for all--but how? Series Overview: Masuda Keima just wants to sleep. Too bad for him, he’s been pulled from comfy sheets into a fantasy dungeon that he’s charged to protect. Failing to do so will cost him his life. His only guide on what to do is the personification of the Dungeon Core, Rokuko. But she’s a moron who can’t even figure out how to get rid of a group of bandits. If Keima ever wants to get some sweet dreams again, he’ll have to do all the planning himself!

Udgivet af Seven Seas Entertainment 2024


Tegneserier Manga
140,00 kr.

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