SLEEVES - BOARD GAME - Medium Cards (100) (fit cards of 57x89mm or smaller)

Fits games like: Acquire Arkham Horror (big cards) Bang! The Bullet! (cards are slightly too small) Bohnanza Bridge Brass Chez Geek Citadels Condottiere Death Angel Descent 2nd Ed. (also uses Mini) Doom Elfenland Elfengold Galaxy Trucker (cards are slightly too small) HeroQuest (cards are slightly too small) Kill Doctor Lucky Machiavelli Mare Nostrum (cards are slightly too small) Munchkin Poison Primorial Soup Risk Robo Rally Runebound 2nd Edition Runewars (also uses Mini) Samurai Swords (Shogun by MB) Shadows over Camelot Spank the Monkey + Monkey Business expansion StarCraft Ticket to Ride (new version/large cards) Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed. (also uses Mini) Warcraft War of the Ruin NB: card is slightly too small Waterloo - Napoleon's Last Battle Many other games

Udgivet af Artipia Games 2009

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