DUNGEONS & DRAGONS NEXT (5TH ED.) - LICENSED - Wanderer's Guide to Merchants & Magic

Content Description Wanderer's Guide to Merchants & Magic by Eventyr Games makes trading with magic items in 5E fun and easy by providing: 23 Magic Shops with beautifully illustrated and fun NPCs each with their own unique inventory of magic items 120 New Magic Items with unique artwork Price Lists with 300+ Magic Items Rules & Guidelines for trading with magic items Roll Tables that'll let you to create your own magic shop, get a price tag for a magic item, or roll up a dragon's treasure hoard in a matter of seconds by leveraging the unique features of Foundry VTT four new adventures The module also contains 4 new 5E adventures, each of which is packed with cool maps, exciting encounters, and unique NPCs and can easily be fit into an existing campaign! The Bard's Delivery. In this adventure for a party of 4th-8th-level, the characters are assailed by a vengeful drider and her minions as they deliver a mysterious chest to a shrine. The Countess' Castle. In this adventure suitable for a party of 6th-10th-level, the characters must clear a castle of the evil forces that lurk within — including a shadow dragon! The Highest Bid. In this adventure for a party of 5th-7th-level, the characters must secure a dangerous magic item at an infamous auction house lest it falls into the wrong hands. The Wizard's Tower. In this adventure for a party of 5th-9th-level, the characters must brave magical traps and arcane experiments to retrieve an exotic creature from a tower. foundry Features The module leverages the features of the Foundry VTT software to make the user experience as smooth as possible: Journal entries are equipped with dynamic links and guidance to make the module's content easy to navigate for the GM. NPCs are preconfigured with abilities, equipment, and other special effects. All maps are made with care for lightning & environmental effects, notes, and other features to secure ease of use.

Udgivet af Eventyr Games 2022

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