LOVECRAFT - CALL OF CTHULHU - CD - Even Scarier Solstice, An (CD with songbook)

This CD features a cast of more than 30 professional singers with each number beautifully arranged and fully orchestrated by Troy Sterling Nies (composer for the HPLHS film The Call of Cthulhu). Styles range from rockabilly to middle-eastern to grandly gothic and just plain weird. We've even set Lovecraft's poem, "A Brumalian Wish" to music to create (we think) the world's first original Lovecraftian Christmas carol. The sing-along songbook features a handy pronunciation guide, an introduction by celebrated mythos author Ramsey Campbell, and the fully lyrics to all of the carols, complete with ample footnotes teeming with bizarre trivia about the carols and their underlying mythos connections!

Udgivet af H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, The 2006

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