GREAT POWER... NEEDS A GREAT RULES SET! Few mediums inspire today’s gamers like comic books, graphic novels, and the movies and television shows based on them. The Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion lets you recreate everything from classic Marvel and DC tales to modern takes like The Boys, Kick-Ass, or Invincible… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system! This 200-page hardcover book updates the original Super Powers Companion to be completely compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Inside you'll find: a gorgeous new layout; new CHARACTER options, Edges, and Hindrances; new and updated GEAR; All new narrative HEADQUARTERS rules; New SETTING RULES; overhauled POWERS; an extensive ROGUE’S GALLERY; and ITEMS OF POWER! The Super Powers Companion is for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, the latest version of Savage Worlds. This book is full color hardcover, graphic novel size (6-5/8″ wide by 10-1/4″ high), and 200 pages.

Udgivet af Studio 2 Publishing, Inc. 2023

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